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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 19, 2017

Operation Disclosure https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - November 19, 2017 - MARINES IN FULL COMBAT GE...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 19, 2017

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - November 19, 2017








Steve Beckow: Insider Shares Reval Backstory

Insider Shares Reval Backstory

November 19, 2017
By Steve Beckow

Jared Rand, c 2012

Thanks to Sitara.


Start at 2:29:29

Jared Rand (1) came on to a Tank/Fisher Reval call last night and explained the behind-the-scenes story of what is occurring with the Reval.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed his talk.

He says that he’s related to the Rand Corporation, Sperry-Rand, and Rand-McNally Rands (I have no idea whether his claims are true or not). He said that he was allowed to come on the show to share this information.

His account was fascinating, whoever he may be. But reader discretion is always advised.

Examples of what he had to say:

“You gradualize and you gradualize and you condition people and before they know it – and they don’t even know it – they’ve been conditioned so that they accept things. It’s much easier to accept things that way. …

“We will have – and we do have already in place – many learning centers across America where people will be able to go in and they will be able to educate themselves and it won’t cost any money, you won’t have to sign a bunch of paperwork, kind of like a library, in a way, but you will learn the true story of your country, what actually happened…

“You have to inform a people of the atrocities that were committed against them so that they can pass it on to the generations and generations ahead of them so that so that they can never be committed again. And that’s exactly what’s going to take place. And it’s going to take place all at once.”

“People say I can’t last that long. … The fact of the matter is … From what I can understand and what I have been informed about, all of this is on the verge of happening in the next 24 hours. Now, here is the big ‘if.’

“If everything goes well accordingly, it is all on the money. …

“[The exchanges] are not going to be a big deal. It is going to as simple as you walking into your local bank and saying…. [He goes on to describe the process – 2:52:34.] …

“Managing the money … is going to be a boom in jobs, an absolute boom. … All colleges and universities across America will end up being free because there are a lot of people that plan on making sure that it’s free. …

“The fact of the matter is the amount of effect even of the 700 people on this call can make is absolutely spectacular. …

“I take my hat off to all of you that you have stuck that out. … There’s a reason for it because you were all chosen to do this. … You’ve all done a spectacular job with this. …

“What we have now is we have a consensus and a fluid movement of massive amounts of money. You’re going to see a very large amount being processed out there and everyone is going to be taken care of. …

“Nothing really changes outside of where you’re at. It’s still the same – people struggling, people suffering, people losing their homes, people not being able to eat, veterans living in cardboard boxes under bridge overpasses – it goes on and on.

“To effect the change, you are the folks. You’re the ones. You’re going to effect that change. You’re going to get those veterans out of those overpasses., you’re going to fix the bridges, the roads. You are going to make your counties, and yur cities and your towns and your counties clean and well run and organized. …

“There’s a lot of work to be done. Don’t get fooled into thinking everything’s going to be done for you becase it is not.There’s a massive amount of work out there that we’ll all be tasked with doing

“In the long run, it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be very and really fulfilling. It’ll warm everyone’s heart and spirits for many generations to come. So you’re all entrepreneurs. And you’re all philanthropists. And you’re all humanitarians.”


(1) “Meet the Founder” at https://www.theknowledgeroundtable.com/meet-the-founder/


Jared, founder of the Knowledge Roundtable, is passionate about the advancement of knowledge. He has a B.S. in astronomy and physics from UMass and an MBA in Advanced Financial Analytics, also from UMass. He has a day job as a Big Data Analyst in Boston.

He has over 500 hours of tutoring experience in everything from algebra to writing. He taught our SAT prep group courses for two years in NH, and before that developed educational content for math, stats, and finance textbooks for two years. His teaching style is hands-on with a focus on problem-solving and critical thinking. (https://www.theknowledgeroundtable.com/tutors/jared-rand/)

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

Real Truth Call: Jared Rand Highlights Replay 11-19-17

Published on Nov 19, 2017

"We're Ready" - Humanitarian Thought - 11.19.17

"Important Message for Dinarland" by Truthseeker - 11.19.17

Entry Submitted by Truthseeker at 6:25 PM EST on November 19, 2017


In today's post I would like to address information that was shared with the masses on Saturday on a "truth call" by a gentleman who claims to be Rand McNally.

I'm pretty sure most of Dinarland has heard the information that Rand shared. I have several thoughts that I feel I must share with Dinarland with regards to Rand's call information. I will admit his information sounded extremely uplifting, but in reality we have no way of confirming that truly was Rand from "Rand McNally". Secondly, and I want everyone to think about this for a moment, does it make sense that the NPTB would allow a person (such as Rand McNally, or anyone for that matter) who was intricately involved in the creation of the RV/GCR to come out and speak to the masses prior to the RV/GCR being released, ABSOLUTELY NOT! The only way I could see that happening is if the NPTB "locked in" the RV/GCR release, and froze the purchase of any and all currencies that we Dinarian's are speculatively holding, but not before that! I, like everyone else reading these posts would like nothing more than the RV/GCR to be released, allowing us to start giving forward for the rest of our lives, but until the NPTB release the funds, all we can do is hope, pray and dream. I listened to Rand's call information and felt the need to "ground" the masses in the event that the "so called" 24 hour period comes and goes like a fast moving storm. It's very important for Dinarian's to listen and read the Intel/information that’s being shared through "common sense" earbuds and glasses. I’ve said this before and I'll keep saying it until proven wrong, "no one knows when the RV/GCR will occur and IMO the NPTB will never provide a heads-up just prior to releasing the funds. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt I am!

Let's all hope and pray the RV/GCR is close!


"Reference to Last Night's Real Truth Call" by dgt - 11.19.17

Entry Submitted by dgt at 6:00 PM EST on November 19, 2017

"A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. RTC Call with Jared Rand" by ChangeComing! - 11.19.17

Please don’t read this if you don’t want the expression of some concerns concerning the amazing event that occurred on the Real Truth Call last night. I don’t want to diminish anyone’s enthusiasm but there was an underlining positive element to the call that I would also loath to see lost. We may still need it.

As one of the whining, pissing, moaning, complaining (I don’t know if I am one of the belligerent masses or not) listeners that was heartened by the Real Truth Call last night, which finally revealed the true feelings of many who participate in the DinarLand community, I wish to express some concern. (BTW, if our future is dependent on the largesse of some who demonstrate all the compassion of a potted plant, or maybe just the pot, we are indeed in double trouble).

Rather than the moaning, I was somewhat heartened by the anger and desperation that was expressed on the call and the possibility of people beginning to rise up. There is a line in a play by Clifford Odets, an old lefty playwright that goes, “the meek shall inherit the earth”. Which is followed by “Ya, grave by grave”. Maybe that is the way it has to happen. They can’t take us all out. I am in the mood to be in the first wave.

Some of the callers began to suggest the notion that the NPTB are starting to look a lot like the OPTB. It is the other 1% (if, god help us, not the same 1%) that has controlled and hoarded the resources of the earth to the point where the other 99% of earth’s people suffer, either for themselves or for those around them.

There was a revolutionary spirit beginning to be expressed on the call when something, apparently unexpected, happened. A person came on the call, saying he was Jared Rand and connecting himself to the Rand Corporation, among other things. He spoke with authority about the incredible changes that were about to happen, all the way from the RV to healing chambers and being able to choose to be 35 years old, indefinitely, etc. He spoke with such certainty and knowledge as to be overwhelming. And most importantly, at one point, he said all this would begin within the next 24 hours. Finally, after speaking for a period of time, he said he was free to answer questions. Unfortunately everyone was speechless and while they were attempting to recover their thoughts he disappeared from the call, never to return.

Everyone was stunned. Stunned but excited. I was stunned as well but there remained a cetain amount of skepticism as I waited, in vain, for him to call back.

Now, this morning I find, among other things, that the Rand Corporation is not named after a person’s last name. Rather it stands for ‘Research and Development’. Mr. Rand, if that is his name, had also mentioned a connection with Rand Sperry. However, Rand is not a last name but the first name of the founder of the Rand Sperry Corporation. Finally he mentioned a connection to the Rand McNalley Corporation, which is indeed named partially after a founder, William McNalley. Is one out of three enough? Further, as I looked up the name Jared Rand there doesn’t seem to be anyone bearing that name that would have addressed the esoteric subject matter that the speaker chose, although I could certainly be wrong about that.

My concern is that before Rand’s(?) comments the call was demonstrating enough righteous indignation to perhaps result in the masses rising up to take back what is theirs or at least the forward movement of a new and less submissive attitude on display. . It became evident that things would not be the same. It was clear that we would not fall back into our passive acceptance of our servitude. We would no longer accept, “be patient, it will all happen on the next ‘whatever’ ”. We would no longer stomach that.

Now, if 24 hours come and go and the only result of Mr. Rand’s statements is that we fall back into that former passivity, I believe that will be the end of us. That must not happen.

I went online this morning and read that the new date was the 22nd and I almost threw up.

dgt:no longer patient

Currency365 - Faud Masum "The Referendum of Kurdistan is Over"

Published on Nov 19, 2017


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